The Benefits of a Friendcation

Friendcation: a getaway with your pals, buddies, or best friends where you create memories, adventure together and smile from ear to ear. Usually, this getaway is in Breckenridge, but sometimes friendcations occur at one of our partner resorts around the globe.

In the rapid pace of the world we live in today, it is easy to find an excuse to skip the annual vacation or push it off until next year. But in a world where we are so inter-connected yet still so far apart, we encourage you not to find time, but make time to vacation with your friends. In fact, we believe in it so much that we even created a word for it: Friendcation.

Why do people enjoy “friendcations” so much? Friendcations are built upon a choice to spend time with those that bring the most joy to your life. And who doesn’t like joy?

Plus, the health and quality of life benefits that inevitably ensue from a friendcation will no doubt prolong lifespans and overall happiness.

Create Memories


“The best thing about memories is making them”

Instead of spending money on items, use it to create memories with your friends. These are the things you will cherish and remember forever, not the sleepless nights of work or watching Netflix from the comfort of your living room couch (although that’s nice, too). Vacations get you out of your everyday routine and allow you to spend quality time on leisurely activities and seeing new things. Our favorite activities for a friendcation? Skiing, tapping into a creative side of Breckenridge at these off-the-grid après spots, dining out, mountain biking, or relaxing at the pool with your best friends by your side.

Creating memories together helps us to feel more connected, develops a sense of belonging, and will provide you and your friends’ stories to reminisce on or laugh about for years to come. After all, it is not the things we purchase that define us, but the moments we spend connecting with each other that leave a lasting impression on our soul.

Friends are good for your health!

Friends Are Good For Your Health

Investment in travel is an investment in yourself” – Matthew Karsten

Getting away from the home helps you restart and step away from the stressful areas of your life. When vacationing with friends, your focus is on the group and spending time together. Rather than mindlessly worrying about all the responsibilities waiting for you back home, a getaway with friends helps you hone in on the present and what truly matters in that moment, your time together. Activities with friends to improve mental health include spa treatments, sleeping in, relaxing by the pool, adventuring outside and exploring the mountains. These moments have been proven to reduce stress and improve your mental health.

Studies show that vacationing with friends has positive effects on your physical health too. Research concludes that connecting deeply with others lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol. And when these are lowered, your chances of disease are lowered as well. So, are you jumping to book that friendcation yet? You might say it’s, “doctor’s orders.”

Improve Productivity

“Travel stretches your brain and generates ideas.”

Have you noticed that the older people get and the farther people move, the harder it is to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in your friends’ lives? Now, what if you chose to travel with friends, catch up on the times and what’s new. Odds are, your friends have been adventuring too or trying out the cool new thing you’ve never heard of before in their own town. When you spend time with friends, your scope and frame of reference expand. Igniting new and fun ideas in your own brain. When you return home, you will feel refreshed and motivated to be productive, efficient, and even try new things!

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going, its who you have beside you.”


Friendcations are good for the soul and good for you. With the Friends and Family Rewards Program, you can capitalize on a better life, a better you, and better relationships. Share Breckenridge with your friends today because after all, Breckenridge is better together!

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