How To Pay Your HOA Dues with the Friends and Family Program

Reward Dollars? You know, that money you earn for Sharing Breckenridge with your friends and family. Reward dollars can be used for a lot of things and it’s possible to earn thousands of dollars in reward dollars per year. Yes, you heard us correctly, thousands of dollars! It’s time to learn how to make your BGV Ownership work for you.

It’s very simple. When you Give Grand, you Get Grand. Send your friends and family on a Grand Vacation and you’ll receive a Grand reward. For each friend or family member that visits Breck and takes a preview tour of Grand Colorado on Peak 8, you earn $50. If they join the BGV family, you earn $200. If you grow your BGV family tree by 3 new owners in a year, you earn a $1,000 bonus. That’s a quick $1,750 in your account! Who doesn’t like free money? When those Homeowner’s Association bills roll around, you’ll know just what to do. Keep this guide handy and remember to ShareBreck: You share, they experience, you all win.

1. What are all the things you can use Reward Dollars for?

Glad you asked. Read more, here.

2. Now, how can you pay Homeowners’ Association dues with Dollars?

  1. You can go online to have Reward Dollars applied toward your HOA dues.
  2. You will need your account number which is located at the top of the HOA billing statement.
  3. Available Reward Dollars are also located at the top of the statement.
  4. Reward Dollars can be applied under payment options.
  5. You can also call Breckenridge Grand Vacations Accounts Receivable Department at 888-783-8883 Ext. 3048 Mon-Fri 9:00am- 4:45pm MST.
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3. How can you continuously earn Reward Dollars?

  1. Continue to Share Breck with your friends and family and earn! Plus, receive a nice bonus of $1,000 Reward Dollars if 3 or more of your referrals purchase an ownership with us within the year!
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