Tour or no Tour…Their Choice

When it comes to vacationing or perhaps, friendcationing, we know your precious time together is limited and of the utmost value. Do your friends and family want to stay in Breckenridge, without having to take time to go on a property tour? No problem! We have the perfect solution for you to ShareBreck so you can share, explore, and remember the wonderful times together.

Did you know that you have access to discounted stays for your friends and family – that don’t include a tour? At Breckenridge Grand Vacations we have a family commitment: ALWAYS Grand Vacations. If a Grand Vacation means not having to take a tour to receive discounted lodging, we make that possible for your friends and family.

Your friends and family can enjoy an exclusive offer as a benefit of your membership with us and receive 10% off at any property throughout the year, no tour required. We encourage you to share this offer with your friends and family and see just why Breckenridge is so special. Start building a lifetime of memories when you ShareBreck today!

Have your friends call 866-576-8973 and mention your name to reserve a 10% off Breckenridge getaway today!

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